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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The 10 Minute workout? PLEEEZE!

No really, It's true. They say doing something is better than doing nothing at all, and for those days that you just do not have the time, or you are traveling and want to get a quickie workout in, I have just the solution. I came across this ten minute workout from Mario Lopez "Knockout Fitness" best seller. It's a good read, and a lot of useful information. Thanks Mario! The best part about this workout is that it requires no equipment! Great for a hotel room workout  for you road warriors  or if you do not have access to a weight room :D  Here is the workout:

1. Squat Thrusts (up to 1 minute) these are basically the same as burpee's. Google burpee's.
2. Pushup (up to 25 reps)
3. Jumping Jacks (up to 1 minute)
4.Crunch (up to 25 reps)
5.Pushup (up to 1 minute)

*After first circuit, rest 2 to 4 minutes, then repeat the circuit again.